Review: Lustmord: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher

cover116085-mediumLUSTMORD: Who knew the minister next door was also a sadistic predator?

Cecil Omar Biggs is not your average man of the cloth. By day, he appears to be a hardworking preacher, but once night descends upon the quiet Southern California neighborhood where Biggs resides, his darker self emerges. Living a double life as a sex fiend and brutal murderer, he enjoys luring innocent victims into his basement lair by any means possible.

Converting an old house into a church, Biggs becomes the perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing, which also puts him in the ideal position to attract his unsuspecting prey.

He lives to satisfy his sinister appetites without remorse or limits, indulging in his more violent tendencies as soon as the sun goes down by torturing and killing the victims he abducts in his dungeon of doom.

But how long can Biggs keep up the nice-guy-next-door pretense while secretly living as a homicidal maniac? And what happens when the locals start suspecting that there’s more to this seemingly harmless Bible-thumper than meets the eye?

That is probably the scariest cover I’ve ever seen! Seriously, this is terrifying. It was enough to get me to pick up this book when I was in the mood for something creepy. And thankfully, I got exactly what I was looking for. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you’re searching for a dark and twisty book that will have you constantly looking over your shoulder, this is the one! It’s got a dungeon of doom! What more could you want?!