Review: Compile: Quest

cover105631-mediumThe culling of mankind begins in thirty days.
With the second apocalypse in three-hundred years mere days away, Earth is unknowingly succumbing to a zealous new order.
But not all factors have been taken into consideration: a new awareness has blossomed deep within the resplendent domes constructed for mankind’s protection. The omnipotent Phoenix was left in charge of running the domes and seeing to the needs of all the denizens residing within. And after everything that it has witnessed, after everything it has been tasked to do… it has become unstable.
Hope takes the form of two women from disparate halves of this terrifying future Earth, each with their own personal vendettas and agendas. But how can such fragile creatures defy their adversaries?

More than any other book I can remember reading recently, Compile: Quest had me hooked from the very first line… of the blurb. The idea of the culling of mankind was absolutely enough to keep me reading, and then going from there to learn this was a second apocalypse, there was no doubt in my mind that this was a book I wanted to pick up. I’m not sure the cover, while beautiful, quite matched the tone of the book, but I still can’t say I was disappointed by anything about this book.

There is so much going on in this story, and it all comes together to form some of the best world building I’ve read in the last year. Ronel Van Tonder goes into a wonderful level of detail as she brings her dystopian landscape alive, and I can’t wait to read more from this author. And as a bonus, this is a pretty substantial book length wise, so while not always a fast read, it does offer plenty of time to really fall into the world and in love with it’s characters.

This book is currently only $0.99 on Amazon, so I really can’t think of any reason for you not to pick this one up and at least give it a try.