Review: Watching Over The Watch

watching.pngPsychic Selene Johansen is an excellent police investigator, able to determine guilt from the first handshake.

While her talent for fact-finding keeps her busy, her personal life is lonely. After all, who wants to date a girl who can read minds? But Selene’s consuming solitude dissolves when she learns longtime friend Brandon Price knows about her psychic gift… and her secret love for him.

As their relationship heats up, Selene dares let her guard down, not realizing that a ruthless stalker is determined to put an end to the couple’s passion… and their lives.

Selene and Brandon’s story didn’t end up being quite what I expected, but it wasn’t long before I fell completely in love with it anyway. There are some paranormal elements tied in here through Selene’s ability to read minds by touching a person’s skin, but at the heart of the story is a fantastic romance tied together with a riveting mystery. There are also some steamier scenes that are well written and a lot of fun to read.

Both Selene and Brandon were well developed and dynamic with a lot of different facets to their personalities. I was rooting for Selene right away and found that Brandon really helped to balance out her character. I also really enjoyed Maggie!

All in all,  a surprisingly great read that will have me keeping an eye out for anything new from Simone Beaudelaire!


Review: Mark of the Incubus

incubusRobert Layton is dead.

But at the same time, he isn’t. He eats and breathes, walks and talks, but to the rest of the world he might as well not even exist. He’s forgotten as soon as he’s out of sight.

A former cop, Robert’s arrogant ways led to him being possessed and then destroyed by an ancient evil, a demon that preys on man’s deepest desires. Now that same demon has led him to its latest victim, the first person capable of remembering Robert since his death.

Caleb Miller has made some monumentally stupid decisions, all before the age of twenty-three. He dropped out of college, is stuck in an affair with a married man, and struggles to make ends meet as a folk singer at the same coffee shop he slings drinks at all day.

When a handsome stranger shows up and claims Caleb’s been possessed by a strange sex demon, he’s obviously skeptical. But Robert turns out to be the man of his dreams, and Caleb can’t believe his luck. Too bad Robert has vowed never to touch him.

Forced to live together while battling their intense attraction for each other, they must find a way to stop the demon before it’s too late to save Caleb’s life and his memory of Robert.

Right from the first three sentences of the blurb for Mark of the Incubus I was curious about what kind of story this was going to be. What I ended up with was a little unexpected but definitely not unenjoyable. This ended up being a really fantastic fantasy romance (bonus: LGBT) with a lot of really cool elements and a great storytelling style. I haven’t read any of Hutch’s work before, but I’ll absolutely be on the look out for more.

Robert was the character who ended up intriguing me the most, though his dynamic with Caleb was a lot of fun to read. The tension coming off both of them was near-palpable and absolutely hard to resist. Highly recommended!