Review – The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton

three.pngForty years ago Magdalene Lynton drowned in a slurry. She choked to death as her hands scrabbled for purchase on the smooth concrete walls. A farmhand discovered her bloated body three days later.

Or she didn’t.

Paul Worthington just confessed to her murder.

Forty years ago Magdalene Lynton died in a dirty shed. He smothered her life along with her cries for help as he tore the clothes from her body. He tossed her defiled corpse into a river when he was done.

Or he didn’t.

As Detective Ngaire Blakes investigates the death she discovers clues that won’t piece together with either version. Gaps, inconsistencies, lies. And forty years have eroded more than memories.

Is it possible to uncover the third death of Magdalene Lynton when time has eaten away at the evidence? And will the person responsible let Ngaire live long enough to try?

I was hooked right from the blurb into the story of The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton. Everything from the description of her supposed death to the possibilities of what might have happened next had me desperate to check out this story and figure out the truth of it all. Add in this fantastic cover has a may I have let out a bit of a whoop when I was approved for a review copy. (This is why I love NetGalley, helping me discover great new authors that I might not have otherwise).

Long story short, Hayton’s book absolutely did not disappoint. I sometimes struggle to get into cold case type stories but everything about this one had me hooked. The author clearly put it in a lot of work to crafting both the mystery and her characters, and ins undoubtedly a huge fan of the mystery genre. All things I very much appreciated.

I won’t go too far into the mystery part of the story since you should really discover that for yourself, but I loved that the two primary cops in this were both female, and it was never really a huge deal one way or the other.And as a fun bonus, the story takes place in New Zealand, which is quite possibly a first for me and made for an interesting change of pace as there was a definite sense of place that felt other from the U.S.A centric stories I tend to pick up.

Absolutely recommended!