It Is What It Is by D.R. Graham


cover82632-medium.pngTracking down the runaway teenage daughter of a senior member of the Noir et Bleu Motorcycle Club should be a quick, easy assignment for Tait—a chance to finally earn his full patch and officially belong to the outlaw biker family. But Tait didn’t count on the complication of working alongside the sassy-mouthed older sister, Kolby. He also didn’t count on the mission leading them into the clutches of a lethal international drug ring. Going against direct orders and relying on nothing but his training and wits, Tait will have to risk his patch and his life to get everyone out alive.


IT IS WHAT IT IS by D.R. Graham was such a fun read, although not quite what I was expecting with the intensity of this cover… not to say this story isn’t intense in its own right because it absolutely is, but it’s also not like anything else I’ve ever read, which always makes for an interesting experience.

IIWII follows an interesting group of characters with a great group dynamic. You’ll be rooting for Tait, Kolby and Roxie from beginning to end. There are two earlier books in the series which seem to follow different characters, so as far as I could tell you don’t need to read the earlier books to enjoy book three. That being said, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt in order to help you get to know everyone and the Nour et Bleu Club a bit better. I’ll absolutely be going back and reading the earlier books in the series later this year and can’t wait to read more from D.R. Graham in the future.


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