Gambit by C.L. Denault

gambitIn Earth’s battle-ridden future, humans have evolved. Those with extraordinary skills rise to power and fame. Those without live in poverty.
Sixteen-year-old Willow Kent believed she was normal. But when a genetically-advanced military officer shows up in her village and questions her identity, long-buried secrets begin to emerge. With remarkable skills and a shocking genetic code the Core and its enemies will do anything to obtain, Willow suddenly finds the freedom she craves slipping through her fingers. Greed, corruption, and genetic tampering threaten every aspect of her existence as she’s thrust, unwilling, into the sophisticated culture of the elite Core city. To ensure peace, she must leave the past behind, marry a man she’s never met, and submit to the authority of a relentless officer with a hidden agenda of his own.
Her life has become a dangerous game. How much will she sacrifice in order to win?

This book was so much fun! Not only is the cover absolutely stunning, but the story inside is one you won’t soon forget. While books about a future version of the world where some people have powers and others do not isn’t uncommon at all anymore, Denault put a lot of fun twists on the genre that will make you not only want to keep picking this book up but also have you struggling to ever put it down in the first place.

Gambit follows Willow whose life very quickly takes a turn for the interesting near the beginning of the book. The stakes are raised quickly and you’ll frequrntly find yourself second guessing what you think is about to happen. There is lots of great romance here as well, and I think that was a big part of why I adored this book as much as I did. Really, all of the characters were well crafted, but of course Reece was a particular favorite of mine.

I hope to see more from this author soon!


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