Death’s Door by David Reichart


What Jesse Yates wants more than anything is to fit into society and have people think of him as a regular guy. But he’s not a regular guy. He’s an elite warrior, battle tested to the max in Iraq and Afghanistan in Marine Special Ops and later as a Navy SEAL. When he finally decides to walk away from the military, Yates isn’t planning on making further use of his extreme training and lethal skills. But somebody else is. Palm Court Detectives, a skyrocketing new agency run by a laicized Jesuit priest in a refashioned vintage motel, needs a guy exactly like Yates to add clout to its roster.

His first assignment for the detective agency based in Mobile, Alabama, takes Yates under cover at a trucking company that has been targeted by hijackers. Jesse’s civilian naiveté allows him to be drawn quickly into a turf war between hijackers who he likes, outlaw bikers who like him (or what he can do for them), and a drug cartel renegade who has a severe Jesse Yates problem and a chilling plot in the works.

Joining the eclectic, fun-loving team at Palm Court Detectives turns out to be everything Yates had hoped for and more—more excitement, more camaraderie, and more chances to die.



This book was a little cheesy, which is no surprise after reading that blurb, but Death’s Door was still an extremely enjoyable read. It follows Jesse Yates, an ex-marine turned detective. There’s a lot going on, and anyone who loves a good adventure will find a lot to like about David Reichart’s writing. The pacing and characters especially will keep you turning pages.

The only thing I think could really use an update is the cover. Even just getting rid of the truck randomly driving through the tunnel in the middle might make a big difference in drawing in the right kinds of readers.

Overall, I’d absolutely call this a four star read and will be recommending it to some of my reader friends over the holidays!


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