The Elk – Dominika Waclawiak

WThe Elkho is killing off the residents of the Sunshine Assisted Living Home one by one? A serial killer or something even more savage?
Driven by visions of the dead, paranormal investigator Sara Caine tracks the killer through history and finds her buried instincts – for survival, bravery and ultimately insanity – awakening as she hunts a monster beyond imagining…
Reaching back to the atrocities of the Second World War, the case twists and turns corrupting everyone it touches. With the help of LAPD Detective Eva Murphy, Sara uncovers a killer that has been eluding authorities for over forty years.

While the author’s name isn’t one I think I’ll ever be able to easily pronounce, this is a story I’ll be recommending to all of my bookish friends. It’s creepy as hell, and fantastically written… not a book you’re going to want to miss. And that cover… one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, and it does such a great job of encompassing this story you’ll find inside. Though I didn’t realize right away that there were paranormal elements.

The Elk follows Sara and Eva as they try to unravel a brutal series of murders, spanning across history. Both characters were dynamic and well written, though Eva was definitely my favorite. Their personalities meshed really well, and offered a nice counterbalance to the gritty tone of the book.

A must read, and well suited for this time of year!


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