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First off, thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me access to a review copy of this book. I so enjoyed reading Ashley, Vi and Macy’s story. This was a really fun and intense read from beginning to end. This can easily be read in a couple of sittings, which for me is the mark of a good book!

I loved how the focus was on the girls’ relationships, rather than being all about romance even when there are so many other things going on. There was a lot to love here even without crazy intense kissing scenes or turbulant love triangles.

Macy may have rubbed me the wrong way sometimes, but I loved so much about Vi and could really relate to her, even when she was making decisions that I like to think I wouldn’t have made. I connected with her right from the beginning of the story and always suspected that she’d be the one to get everyone sorted out. Whether or not that was the case, I’ll let you read and find out!

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overexposedIn the tiny town of Willowspring, just about nothing ever happens except for layoffs, hockey games, and your average melodramatic teenage angst.

But that was before.

Vi, Ashley, and Macy are just trying to make it through the school year without one more humiliation when they team up for a simple photography assignment: create a story through a series of photographs. Can’t be too much trouble, right?


The shutterbugs happen upon Willowspring High School’s darkest secret. When everything around them starts to crumble after trying to do the right thing, their only hope is to stick together.

About the author
adrianneGrowing up, Adrianne couldn’t get her hands on enough books to satisfy her need for the make believe. If she finished a novel and didn’t have a new one ready and waiting for her, she began to create her own tales of magic and wonder. Now, as an adult, books still make up majority of her free time, and now her tales get written down to be shared with the world.

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2016 Young Explorers Adventure Guide


Join us for the second yearly anthology of science fiction stories for middle grade readers, with a focus on diversity and representation. We have 22 great stories from a wide range of authors, from Hugo and Nebula winner Nancy Kress, to relative newcomers in the field.

Over 85% of the stories are brand-new, and our themes cover the field: space exploration, steampunk, post-apocalyptic, first contact… and lots and lots of adventure.

When I first saw this book… well, this isn’t what I was expecting. At least until I noticed the space ship. This was a really great collection of science fiction stories that is easily accessible for middle grade readers while still being enjoyable for teen and adult readers as well. I loved that there was a special focus put on diversity, especially as the stories were more targeted toward middle grade. YA is all about diversity right now, and seeing that spread out to younger readers is incredible.

There were a wide range of stories here, with a wide range of quality. There were only two or three that I struggled to stay interested in, most were really strong, and a handful were great! Maggie Allen, Michael Barretta and Wendy Lambert were particular standouts.

I’m not sure exactly who I’d recommend this book to as “this would be perfect for you” but to be fair, I don’t read a lot of anthologies. I guess it’s fair to say there’s something for everyone, and what can be wrong with that? If you’re looking to discover new voices in science fiction, look no further!