Corporal Domination

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Dominating a powerful man isn’t easy…

Sometimes corporal punishment is needed

Kade Thompson is sick and tired of working sixty-plus hours a week. After all, he’s only an accountant, not a surgeon. For many he’s considered powerful and a sought-after catch, yet he hasn’t obtained all he hungers for. However, earning a six-figure income has allowed him to indulge in his every desire, including toys and rather kinky bouts of sin. He also enjoys an on-again, off-again push-and-shove relationship with his boss, Trevor Willis. While the sex is passionate, he craves being dominated by the six foot six god, but Trevor doesn’t seem interested. Tired of playing games, he’s ready to break off their relationship until an invitation to meet for a drink at The Peeping Hole—a mysterious and very exclusive club—has him more than curious.

When he finds out the club offers every aspect of kink, he’s breathless with excitement. As Kade waits for Trevor’s arrival, he’s given an offer he can’t refuse and one that might sate his every craving—if he will submit to the man behind the mask. Unfortunately what goes on behind the hallowed doors is required to stay a sensuous mystery. But can they keep up their end of the bargain and one forged in a touch of black magic? Only Alexander knows. Ssshhh… No peeping.

I am Alexander—a teacher, a scoundrel, a voyeur and a true entrepreneur. In my world there’s little left to the imagination. That is if you dare to taste what only I can offer. Welcome to The Peeping Hole, where every fantasy you’ve ever desired will come true. Leave your inhibitions at the door and join us. But you must remember, whatever happens here stays here, and trust me, I will know…

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About the author: Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors.

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My Review
25796070This is a short and steamy read, perfect for any fans of gay erotica (yes, please!). There are some great BDSM scenes while Cassandre Dayne explores the relationship between Kade and Dayne. Kade needs to submit to his boyfriend, but Kade doesn’t seem like it’s really his thing… until he plans a very special surprise for Trevor.

I really enjoyed both characters and wish we’d gotten to spend a bit more time learning about them and who they are, though we did get a nice look into their relationship. I’d be very interested in reading a sequel!

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The Beam (Review)

the beamAre you ready for this… the longest blurb of ever.

In the future, the Beam network has taken over our lives — but now, it’s developing a life of its own.

The year is 2097. North America has become the North American Union — the only place on Earth not decimated by the environmental catastrophes of the 2020s. To protect citizens during the technological renaissance, the NAU erected the Lattice: an impervious net to keep the so-called “Wild East” at bay. That was when the NAU began to regrow as a cyperpunk utopia … ordystopia, depending on where you stand.

Today, the NAU appears to be divided into two political parties: the socialist Directorate and the capitalist Enterprise. But within secret circles, the true division of NAU power and wealth is more apparent: there is the Lower 99 Percent, who rely on The Beam to entertain and connect the nationwide hive mind … and there is the Beau Monde, who control it.

Meet Micah and Isaac Ryan: Figureheads of power, pawns within a greater game

For the Lower 99, the choice between Enterprise and Directorate is simple. They can choose the security of Directorate: fed, sheltered, and provided-for by the government … but unable to advance beyond their assigned (and modest) station. Or they can choose the potential and risk of Enterprise, where a few entrepreneurs and artists thrive, but many more die in the gutters without a safety net.

Micah heads the Enterprise party, blessed with family wealth that grew from rumored unsavory practices during the dystopian years. Isaac heads the opposing Directorate — just as wealthy, just as enhanced with restricted Beam-interfacing upgrades much better than those widely believed to exist.

But both of the Ryan brothers ultimately serve an inner circle, with strings pulled from high above.

Meet Kai Dreyfuss: A prostitute assassin with aspirations to join the Beau Monde, harboring a cortex full of dangerous secrets.

Kai is eternally young, eternally beautiful, her add-ons suited to her dual careers in pleasure and espionage. Kai would do anything to ascend to the secret club she’s learned is above her pay grade … and her connection to Nicolai Costa (the power behind Isaac Ryan) gives her an unfair advantage.

Meet Leah: A girl with no last name, no past, and a hacker’s mind in the body of a luddite.

Not everyone loves the hyperconnectivity of The Beam, although few are immune to its influence. Leah (young, dreadlocked, with a penchant for disobedience) lives a pair of lives between the Organa settlement that eschews technology and plots to disrupt the network … and her prodigious ability to see behind The Beam’s AI to the intelligence growing within it.

And meet Doc Stahl: A biological upgrades dealer who knows too much.

So far, the Beau Monde has kept its secrets under wraps and the true breadth of its power hidden. But Thomas “Doc” Stahl has stumbled into a place he shouldn’t be and seen things he’s forbidden to see. There are upgrades on the market far superior to those he’s been allowed to sell — and interests out there who are prepared to kill to protect their secrets.

But Shift is coming

The Enterprise and Directorate parties have always given people an identity … and a “them” to resent so the true power balance can remain hidden. In the past, the chance for citizens to change their party (or stay in the same) for the next six years at Shift has been routine. But this year, the air is different. Riots are blooming. And this Shift promises to be anything but ordinary.

The Beam is part hard science fiction, part political thriller, part heart-pounding cyperpunk adventure, part techno thriller. Science fiction in the footprints of Asimov, where nothing is quite what it seems.

I kind of feel like I need to review the blurb more than the actual book. In case you couldn’t tell, there’s a lot going on in this book, but I don’t think we needed quite so much of it spelled out in the blurb… it’s a little overwhelming. The world building alone (sort of post-apocalyptic, sort of dystopian, all parts awesome science fiction) should be enough to hook you though, so feel free to skim through that massive blurb and pick up this book!

Despite the large scope and cast, Platt and Truant still covered all their bases with fleshing out every element of their story, while still leaving lots that can be explored in future books/seasons in this series. This is one of those books that will make you stop and think about the possibilities involved with the development of our technology.

While I did get this book for review via NetGalley, part of me wishes I’d listened to the audiobook version instead. Just poking around Audible it looks like there is a full narrative cast. But the good news is that season two is already out!

The Dark Side of the Rainbow (Blog Tour Stop + Review)


About the book: Two lives, forced together by past events and present choices, find themselves navigating through the murky waters of blame and desire.

Years have passed since Olivia Nelson’s brother’s fatal accident. The day Jacob died, she swore to impose penance upon Landon Gray, the one responsible for his death. Armed with a plan of retribution, Olivia transforms herself into Brooke Johnson, an up-and-coming photographer. She arrives in Argentina’s Patagonia, prepared to make the hospitality magnate pay for the life he destroyed.

Landon Gray has suffered greatly from his guilt, longing only to be forgiven for his harrowing mistake. After the accident, Landon fled Portland, Oregon to his family’s holdings in South America. Upon Brooke Johnson’s arrival at Landon’s resort, he is immediately drawn to the talented photographer.

When Olivia sees Landon again, she is pricked by shadows of doubt. Determined to see her meticulous planning come to fruition, she stays the course, until tragedy strikes once more.

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My Review
First up, how awesome is that title? I’m not sure what I was expecting when I first signed up to take part in this blog tour but the combination of cover and title hooked me instantally. Thankyfully, I ended up really enjoying the story and writing as well, so this reading experience was a win all around. Also, this book is so perfect for fans of revenge–maybe a little less intense overall, but also less ridiculous!

The Dark Side of the Rainbow tells the story of Olivia Nelson, who is still fairly obsessed with her brothers death, and the man she holds responsible. She goes to no small lengths in order to position herself in Landon Gray’s life. Landon on the other hand, hasn’t exactly been living it up since the accident. Olivia isn’t the only one that holds him responsible for what happened.

I actually would have loved to see this plot expanded a little more, to explore not only more of Landon and Olivia’s past, but their growing relationship as well (not really a spoiler, read it anyway!). There was so much going on in this story that there was definitely room to flesh things out a bit more, though the pace as is was still enjoyable to read.

3.5/5 stars! Highly recommended!


Love You Like a Love Song
Guest Post – Rita Hogan

When writing this blog, I couldn’t resist borrowing the title of Selena Gomez’s song from her album, When The Sun Goes Down. Long before Jane Austen penned her classic tales of love, or Harlequin published their first romance novel, man has been singing about this seemingly all-consuming emotion, composing evocative lyrics, and using them to express their deepest longings.

We first enter this world experiencing the familial bonds of love, but as we grow older and are influenced by books, movies, and love songs we begin to crave that one sublime connection with another person, an affinity that transcends normal everyday relationships of family, friends, and peers. We long for the one who will make our hearts swell with unchartered feelings. The way we dress, carry ourselves, or the connections we make seem to point us in the direction of our search.

As we live our lives, we discover that love stories are central to so many things ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary and everything in between. So if love is everywhere we turn, why write about it?

Because the romantic love we seek, from as early as adolescence, is written upon our hearts, a solid engraving that neither time nor even pain can erase. Love is what drives us, compels us, and moves us. It is what makes us feel the slow ache when we hear a line from a song like the one from U2’s Iris.

Something in your eyes

Took a thousand years to get here

In The Dark Side of the Rainbow, this all-consuming emotion is at the heart of the story. One long ago summer, before tragedy struck, two hearts began that migratory journey of love, before it was cut short too quickly. Blinded by rage and revenge, Olivia’s feelings for Landon are submerged beneath her grief. Landon, now a broken man, yearns for what he’ll never have, those lost moments of first love. He grieves for the woman he can never forget.

While their story may be as old as time and as ancient as the tribal dance that beats across the African plains, it is the moments in between Olivia and Landon’s story that will surprise you. I hope you enjoy The Dark Side of the Rainbow.


Rita Hogan


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About the author

Rita Hogan is a novelist and business manager with a degree in business from Dallas Baptist University. In 2012, she hand-wrote her first full length novel and has been writing ever since. As an author, it is her greatest joy to walk a reader through the hardships of life feeling as if they have gained more than they have lost, to illustrate with words a backdrop for the hurt that is a very real place for us all, and to phrase for readers the beauty of the moments in between.

Rita currently resides in the St. Louis metro area with her husband Joel and her son Sean. She is a finalist in CrossBook’s and Westbow’s 2014 writing contests. The Dark Side of the Rainbow is her first published work.